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Challenged by a budget dependent on grant funding and a staff that was reduced by 30%, the National Network to End Domestic Violence was gearing up to host the 2012 Global Conference of Women’s Shelters with some pretty hefty obstacles.  Despite these challenges, NNEDV rallied behind their cause, and we produced a memorable conference filled with inspiration and hope.

They’re not alone.  You, too, are passionate about your work, whether in the non-profit or for-profit sector.  You know that events might be the right way to spread your message, but you’re not sure how.  That’s where we come in.  We are as passionate about your event as you are about your work.  We believe in the good guy, in the underdog, in doing what’s right.  We believe that life is all about relationships.  We pay attention.  We say thank you.  We’re honest, especially if it’s hard. We believe that details are important.  We fit into your team.

Client: Shakespeare Theatre Company
Event: Harman Center for the Arts Gala (2013, The Side Lobby)
Client: theatreWashington
Event: Helen Hayes Awards (2013 with BRAVO! Events by Design, 2014 as The Side Lobby)
Client: Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking
Event: New York City Launch Week (2011, with Curley Company)
Client: National Network to End Domestic Violence
Event: Global Conference of Women’s Shelters (2011, with Curley Company)
Client: Arena Stage
Event: Benefit for Community Engagement (2008 and 2009 as Arena Stage Special Events Director)
Client: Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company
Event: Like… Totally Woolly! Benefit Bash (2010 as Woolly Special Events Director)

Meet Sarah

The Side Lobby is named for the hub of communication and creativity in the theatre department at the College of William and Mary.  

As an undergraduate theatre major, I spent countless hours in The Side Lobby with my classmates talking about theatre – things we discussed in class, what we were rehearsing, or how we were going to pull off a dynamic production with a $500 budget, no rehearsal space, and a limited production team.  It’s where we cultivated our creativity, and it’s that creativity that I bring to events now.


I've been working on events and productions for over 15 years.  Click here to learn more about me.





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